Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

One of the most popular pet insurances around is Healthy Paws. If you check out their reviews, you’ll find that customers have consistently been happy with them. Most pet parents know how expensive vet visits can be, even for routine checkups. But especially if some hospitalization is needed, or even some costly diagnostic testing is recommended, you may find yourself with some major unplanned expenses. The best way around this is to get a solid insurance plan for your dog or cat, and get some peace of mind that you will be able to take good care of your pet’s health without your finances going topsy-turvy.

The coverage from Healthy Paws is pretty good and covers everything from accidents and surgeries, to tests and prescription medicines. While they do have an annual deductible, they offer unlimited lifetime coverage, which is very attractive.

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With any insurance, claim reimbursement can be fairly tricky and painful. But Healthy Paws has simplified this process tremendously by making it completely online.

If you have done your research and want to get Healthy Paws insurance for your pet, use a lifetime discount code to save yourself some moolah! This way, every premium that you pay is reduced by a certain percentage, and over time, the savings can really add up to become pretty meaningful.